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Pug Care


For pug care is good to have a clean place with all accessories where you can easily groom your dog.

When your dog know this place, he/ she can relax and not be stressed.

This is easier for you and your sweetheart. 


The wrinkles are getting dirty in short time, so is good to clean them once a week.

The are prone to becoming damp and this is where infection can result.

The most common way to clean and try the wrinkles is to use wipes.


The nose can be susceptible to drying out. The best way to remedy this is to regularly apply a smear of petroleum jelly (vaseline) to the nose. This keeps the nose dark and moist.



Ears cleaning is VERY important! Pugs ears can build up wax and cause discomfort and can get infection or in the worst case close ears! At least you need to do it once a month.

Step 1 :  wash out the ear with canine ear wash, approved by your vetinerian

Step 2 : use wipes to clean the first layer of dirt

Step 3 : use ear rod to clean more precisely


Generally, if you walk your pug on concrete paths regularly you will not need to trim the the nails so often. Please do not let the nails grow too long, but when is necessary you should trim them.


You should clean your pugs teeth regular.

Doggy toothpaste and toothbrush can be purchased at a pet store. The toothpaste has a meaty taste which the Pugs comes to like!


It is good to brush your Pug often.

The brush removes all the loose hair.

Use the spray once a month to protect your dog from fleas and ticks.


Sleeping stuf, dogs clothes and other accessories of your sweetheart should be washed from time to time.

You can add some good smeling conditioner to your washing.



Please, feed your pug only with best food. You need to feed your dog 1-3 times a day. Puppies need eat more often, but special food for babys.

Puppy Food (Royal Canin Starter)   

Aduld Food (Meat)



Playing time is very important in your pugs life. That starts by a good breeder at the baby time.

It will train your dog for a very good life in your family. Playing will get you closer with your sweetheart. It will build up very good realationship.

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